This youtube channel is made by a black midi team member named "TheSuperMarioBros2" (Or nicknamed "TSMB2".). It is his channel where he usually uploads videos when he is either bored or has little to almost nothing to do. So far the only video he has published to Youtube on his channel is "(Ep.1) How TSMB2 makes Note Art" which is a video of him adding Note Art to the song (Midi file is not known yet) and making a video tutorial of it sped up by 400% in Camtasia Studio (If you want to know what that is, check out the Camtasia Studio wiki that was recently made! It will give you a lot of information. Or just check out the wikipedia page for even more info about it.) While personally not liking BloonProdigy, TSMB2 may rant/make hateful comments about him.
A wild TSMB2 On molly has appeared!

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Some one had a bad day! XD