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Original Red Zone by kakakakaito1998

Original Red Zone by kakakakaito1998

Original Red Zone MIDI

RED ZONE auto remix (Synthesia) レッドゾーン ビートマニアIIDX

RED ZONE auto remix (Synthesia) レッドゾーン ビートマニアIIDX

This MIDI in action.

RED ZONE is a popular soundtrack from the Japanese arcade music rhythm video game, beatmania IIDX.

Versions of the MIDIEdit


The original black MIDI was made by kakakakaito1998 (kkk), who also made the Necrofantasia and Bad Apple!! black MIDIs. It was later modified by JohnSinnes a couple of months after, although there was not much of a difference.

Red Zone - John L

Red Zone - John L. Sinneslöschen Version

JohnLimon's modified version.

Comparison between John Sinnes' versionEdit

The comparison MIDI was made by DenixChaotiX. It had both kkk's and JohnSinnes' MIDIs merged together.

As you can tell, there is not much variation between the two. However, there are some obvious differences such as the ending and the calm before the final part. 

Synthesia - Red Zone Comparison

Synthesia - Red Zone Comparison

Comparison video.

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