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The quality of Black MIDIs varies between the blackers themselves, and the viewers who listen to them. It is evident that there is an upper limit to how many notes can be added to 'improve the melody' before it becomes insane noise. 

Factors that Contribute to MIDI QualityEdit

There are different factors that contribute to quality, for example:

Note CountEdit

  • Notes in the black point
  • Inaudible/silent notes
  • Notes that are offscreen that do not contribute to the melody nor the visuals


  • Silent notes that artificially increase the note count yet sustaining the melody
  • How well the melody stands out
  • How octaves and tranposing is done

Tips for Quality Black MIDIsEdit

Although the skills needed to compose a quality Black MIDI depend on practice and dedication, some tips include:

  • Working diligently and taking time; Black MIDIs are not a race
  • Not adding too many notes to the crash point (Or not)
  • Blackening the whole song, not just your favourite part.
  • Keeping note count at a reasonable level (Or not)
  • Maintaining good velocity
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