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"Piano From Above Advanced Settings Editor" is a program created by KaleidonKep99 that is used to change Piano From Above's configuration without manually editing the config.xml file in the %APPDATA% folder.

It is available in both English and Chinese languages. And downloadlink unable

Latest English version: 1.5
Latest Simplified Chinese version: 1.5

Latest beta version (English only): 1.4b

Changelog Edit

1.5 Edit

  • Fixed minor crashes
  • Fixed the "BASSMIDI Synth" error. It's "BASSMIDI Driver".
  • The program checks for running PFA processes (Both in background and not).

1.4b Edit

  • UI changes
  • New Chinese translation (Not shown to public)

1.3a Edit

  • Skipped/Unstable

1.2 Edit

  • New colour picker (still need to edit config.xml)
  • Better Chinese translation

1.1 Edit

  • Colour picker (need to edit config.xml with the Notepad)
  • Now there's a Chinese version of it

1.0 Edit

  • Enable/Disable FPS Counter
  • Enable/Disable FPS Limiter
  • Change between 88 and 128 keys, and can also provide custom range for keys
  • Change notespeed in decimal
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Screenshots Edit


Main screen of the Chinese version.


Main screen of the English version.

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