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midiplayer3 for BLACK MIDI
Developer ax_pokl
Currrent Status Active
License Type Open Source(GPL)
Platform Windows
Release date 2018 January
CPU Architecture x86
Current version midiplayer3
Midiplayer3 for BLACK MIDI is a visualized MIDI player similar with Synthesia. It is a fast lightweight program that uses temporary files instead of memory caches to play large MIDI files.

Latest version:

Source code:

Max notes (32 bit 2G): ~8 Million

Max notes (32 bit 4G): ~16 Million

Max notes (32 bit file): ~32 Million

Max notes (64 bit): 8 Million / 1GB Memory

Max notes (64 bit file): 8 Million / 1GB File

Pros and ConsEdit


  • Open source.
  • Visualized and easy to use.
  • Enable to change volumn, speed, chord and pitch.
  • Very fast to seek.
  • Enable to change MIDI device.
  • Always give the right output(e.g. piano pedal).
  • Use Longmsg event to acclerate output to midi driver.
  • Requires only few memory space when use file (less than 100M).
  • Uses unique color to display chord.
  • Display individual colors through track/channel.
  • seperate MIDI events play and graphic draw by different threads.


  • Only available on the Windows Platform


  • The loading speed is about 1 Million notes per second.
  • Requires 1GB space for about 8 Million notes to load.
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