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U.N. Owen was Her? 7 Million


Last Brutal Sister Flandre S (often shortened to LBSFS), officially Final Savage Sister Flandre S is a song from the game Touhou Project. It is one of the most blacked MIDIs in existence, and was the first black MIDI to reach YouTube [citation needed]. It was the first remix of U.N. Owen was Her?, Flandre Scarlet's theme from the sixth Touhou Project game, The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.

It is sometimes mislabelled "Faerie's Aire and Death Waltz", actually a comedic unplayable piece by John Stump, due to an improperly titled YouTube video.

Blacked Versions of LBSFSEdit

Preceding VersionsEdit

TheTrustedComputer's VersionsEdit

  • The first major black was on Nico Nico Douga, was played by TheTrustedComputer & TheErhgerg , and had 280,122 notes. A better version played on Piano From Above exists here . The video on Nicovideo can be seen here.
  • The next black had 507,514 notes and is played here , although a recent re-upload on Piano From Above was uploaded here . Nicovideo version here.
  • The song then hit 1,000,851 notes, and can be found on Synthesia and MIDITrail
  • The next milestone was 2.25 million notes, on MIDITrail .
  • Now played on Piano From Above , the next revision has 4,190,371 notes. 
  • This MIDI now had over 6 million notes .
  • The final iteration of the MIDI had 7.5 million notes . The MIDI then has been scrapped in favour over the 11 million note version that TheTrustedComputer made.

TheSuperMarioBros2's VersionsEdit

Other VersionsEdit

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