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Riccardo Loi
Some attributes
Member of Keppy Studios
Range He's not a member anymore
Member since June 9th, 2012 ~ November 27th, 2014
Joined since Unknown
Roles Ex-soundfont developer of the team
Subscribers ~75
Status Active

KaleidonKep99 was an Italian member of the Black MIDI Team who creates MIDIs, SoundFonts, and edits. He is very proficient in the skills of SoundFonts, programs, coding, and MIDI programs. He has been in the Black MIDI Community for well over a year, and decided to go into Black MIDIs again when he saw Gingeas' videos.

Although he is not an explicitly exclusive MIDI maker, he has blackened some MIDIs, some of which are Bad Apple!! and Plain Asia, both are in the Touhou Project soundtrack. Some of the SoundFonts he has created are Riky's Ultra-HD Piano (Now Keppy's Steinway Piano), Farfisa (many versions), Bosendorfer, and Steinway ERxx/EVx9.

He was one of the better SoundFont makers of the team as he knows his way around programs such as Viena, Polyphone, etc. He also has a site where his projects can be downloaded from. His first channel, Riccardo Loi, was removed after copyright infringements were taking place, while the second one, Keppy Studios (Now here), has been deleted by he himself in January 17, 2015. Now he continues to upload videos in the newest channel. 

He's not in the BMT anymore since November 27, 2014.

Current desktop Old desktop (Dead) Video editing desktop
Operating System Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) Windows 8.1 (32-bit) and Lubuntu 15.04 Windows XP Professional SP2 (64-bit)

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 overclocked to 3.5 GHz

Intel Pentium 4 HT clocked to 2.8 GHz

AMD Athlon 64 X2 +6000 clocked to 3.0 GHz
RAM 8 GB (DDR3, Up to 260 GB with the paging file) 512 MB (DDR) 8 GB (DDR2)
Graphics card ASUS Radeon HD 7770 Intel GMA 865G ATi Radeon 9800
Hard Disk(s) Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB x3 +

Western Digital Caviar Green 640GB x1

Samsung Laptop HDD 160GB Seagate Barracuda 500GB
Manufactured in 2007 2004 2008

Personal lifeEdit

KaleidonKep99 has played the piano since he was 4 years old, for nearly for ten years. He devoted himself to music from middle school until high school, where he devoted himself to information technology (IT).

He regained interest in piano during 2012 when he saw some of Gingeas' videos about black MIDIs, and began producing his own videos on his computer.


He is considered a strange character, well-liked by the team (except by few members). He dislikes solitude, even if he chooses to isolate himself. He especially dislikes it when he gets blamed for things he did not do.

He loves potatoes, computers, piano, and whatever is linked to those interests.

Farfisa Grand Piano SeriesEdit

This soundfont is not supported anymore, since the release of the Keppy's Steinway Piano.

In the 2013, KaleidonKep99 started a soundfont series (Ported on FL Keys too) called "Farfisa Grand Piano", now dedicated to classical music and not to Black MIDIs.


The logo used for the series since the release of the 4.1 version.

"The first version is, really, the last version able to play Black MIDIs, but sadly isn't able to play The Anti-Chlorobenzene 8.1 or Bad Apple 5.1 without skipping notes.

The second version was a failed version of the first one, bass boosted, the third version too. Now the Farfisa Series is on the 5th generation, with the 5.0 avaiable on my website. These two versions are intended to play classical music or to be used for remixes on FL Studio." - Kep

Now the project is being developed by SynthFont Ltd.


  • Proficient ability to play the banjo
  • Skilled at Photoshop/GIMP
  • Skilled at audio/video editing (Audacity, Audition, FL Studio, After Effects, Premiere, PowerDirector and Vegas)
  • Skilled at creating high definition soundfonts
  • Very good at HTML and CSS coding

List of soundfonts createdEdit

Soundfont Version Quality level File size Main Author 2nd Author Developing status Public
Keppy's Steinway Piano 3.0 for SFZ, and 2.9 for SF2 Professional soundfont 349MB KaleidonKep99 ~ Stopped

(Bug fixes uploaded occasionally)

Roland Cherry Piano Version 3 High 70MB KaleidonKep99 EpreTroll Stopped Yes
The Farfisa Grand Piano 4.01 Very high 590MB KaleidonKep99 SynthFont Ltd. Stopped Yes

Other soundfonts can be found here.

Warning: KaleidonKep99 is blocked from this wiki. He won't be able to respond to messages.

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