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HFBMP is a MIDI player which rarely lags. HFBMP 3 will probably never lag. HFBMP 1 glitches when it lags (?), but HFBMP 2, 3, 4, and 5 simply lag. The audio seems to be un-laggable.

Latest Version: 5.1

Note Limit: 93 trillion (the maximum note limit)



  • Optimized to the extreme (?); HFBMP lags the least out of all MIDI players, so as a result, HFBMP has been used to play MIDIs with over a billion notes.
  • Has the maximum possible note limit


  • Notes don’t have borders as a result of the extreme optimization.
  • Audio quality can be bad in older versions.
  • HFBMP 1 can be glitchy or even seemingly frozen if you have a bad enough computer.
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