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Carlos S. M.
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Member of BMT
Range Member
Member since Unknown
Joined since Unknown
Roles Unknown
Subscribers 1000+
Status Active

Black MIDI Bad Apple!! Remix (Remixed Merged Edited) 0

Black MIDI Bad Apple!! Remix (Remixed Merged Edited) 0.67 Million

Carlos S. M. is a tester from Gran Canaria, Spain. He mainly tests his computers to its max limits and blacked some MIDIs. He has a very strong computer and is an active uploader. He also uploads piano (Not Black MIDIs) and PC-related videos.

Involvement in the Black MIDI Team Edit

Carlos joined the BMT in 27 March 2014 after uploading his ATAAI video. He usually records other MIDIs (also unfinished ones) and do testing in general (Programs, MIDIs...). He also black MIDIs sometimes and make/edit Soundfonts including his brand new Personal Soundfont CarlosPiano.

MIDIs created/Edited/Merged by Carlos S. M.Edit

Bad Apple!! 2.04 Million by Carlos S. M

Bad Apple!! 2.04 Million by Carlos S. M.

  • Bad Apple!! 500.000 Notes
  • Bad Apple!! 1.03 Million
  • Bad Apple!! 2.04 Million
  • Let it Go 1 Million (Scrapped)
  • Bad Apple!! 12.6 Million (Merged)
  • Bad Apple!! 16 Million (Merged)
  • Bad Apple!! 42 Million (Merged)
  • Bad Apple!! 38 Million (Merged)
  • Bad Apple!! v4 0.67 Million (Edited)
  • Bad Apple!! v4 1.02 Million (Edited)
  • Bad Apple!! v5 1.43 Million (Edited)
  • Necrofantasia 1.65 Million
  • rape.mid

PC SpecsEdit

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 2500K @ 4.7 GHz
  • Motherboard: ASUS Z77-A
  • RAM: 12 GB DDRIII 1600
  • GPU: nVidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti
  • Screen: Samsung SyncMaster BX2035 (2ms, 1600x900, 60 Hz)

other properties Edit

Carlos blocked himself by working too much on the hampsterdance song and Sześcian blocked Carlos by playing the hampsterdance song 1.10 million instead of 12.19 million or 37.83 million.

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