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Camtasia Studio is a video editing program that can record one's computer monitor screen and voice. Camtasia Studio can export and edit mp4, mp3 and avi files. These can be in both resolutions of 640x480 (480p High Quality (HQ) or 1280x720 (720p High Definition (HD). Camtasia does not yet support 1080p HD. Camtasia is very easy to use and the files exported upload very fast to YouTube and other video hosting sites. Camtasia Studio is used by a lot of Black MIDI Team members.


Camtasia Studio 8


Editting a video


  • Callouts
  • Zoom-in/out
  • Audio Editting
  • Timelapsing from 50% to 400% speed
  • Various Transitions/fade effects
  • Cursor Effects
  • Visual Properties, inculidng removing colors, very helpful when using greenscreens.
  • Voice narration, record any microphone installed.
  • Record Camera, Record your screen or webcam.
  • Fast rendering
  • Endless tracks
  • Removing colors from video and using layers (green screen)

Blackers that use Camtasia StudioEdit

  • EpreTroll
  • BedrockSolid
  • KaleidonKep99 (Barely)
  • LordRaZerAge
  • TheSuperMarioBros2
  • TheTrustedComputer
  • InDaHood
  • Carlos S. M.

Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit


  • Contains many features to work with
  • Exceptionally-fast rendering


  • Doesn't speed up/timelapse faster than 400% the original video speed.
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