• TheTTCPerson

    Someone has ruined our wiki and they must be stopped! Moderators and admins like me must constantly monitor our wiki for any suspicious edits made by unknown people or terrible people we know of! Alternatively, you can use gmail to check and monitor if wikia sends you a message if any edits were made to any of our articles if you allow wikia to.

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  • Derplet

    Rights Error

    November 9, 2014 by Derplet

    So I was asked by KaleidonKep99 to make her an admin, but that requires bureaucrat rights. I told him/her that I was an admin, but she sent me the image below via Gyazo. Explanation?

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  • RVC


    March 1, 2014 by RVC

     RyanVideoChannel is a Taiwanese BMT member who edits videos, compiles comparisons, and creates no-lag videos in Piano From Above. Some of his videos are in other MIDI players but typically he uses Piano From Above. He uses Windows 8.1, SSW, and Sony Vegas. Usually his videos have little to no lag.

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