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The Black MIDI Crew(s), BMC, (commonly known as Black MIDI Team, BMT) is a group of young YouTubers and non-YouTubers who compose Black MIDIs. The team has been in operation for a couple years and have steadily moved up in notoriety.

The Black MIDI Team was founded by TheTrustedComputer and TheSuperMarioBros2. Since its creation, people have been joining the team. Right now, there are at least 15 active people inside the Black MIDI Team; however, many people are also subsequently leaving or sitting idly in the Black MIDI Team as well, not to mention that there are many black MIDI video makers that are in the community, just not in the team, who upload sporadically.

Note that there are much more people participating in the Black MIDI Community. Nevertheless, they either do not upload frequently or at all, or they don't actively participate in creating or editing MIDIs, stated earlier. Most, but not all of them, are fans of black MIDIs.

A quick table of the most actively important and most uploading members:

Member Specializations Subscribers
TheTrustedComputer Quality Black MIDIs; displaying others' MIDIs on sheet music through SSW (black score) 7,247
TheSuperMarioBros2 Million note MIDIs that lags others' computers; innovative new concepts 5,058
RetroUniversalHT Making lagless & sharp video presentations 12,831
Snake8Bit Blackening high quality million MIDIs; making lagless & sharp video presentations 2,880
Gingeas Blackening and merging of large MIDIs, and uploading quality videos; technical, behind-the-scenes 14,489
EpreTroll Blackening Touhou Project songs (and other songs)  with top quality, making Black Score Presentations 3,834
Natsuki8000 Making stress testers; playing black MIDI songs with minimal lag 1,650
RyanVideoChannel Playing black MIDIs beyond a million notes; no lag videos Making MIDIs 261
TheGamingNinja759 Blackening MIDIs from scratch, as well as new spins on MIDIs; no lag videos 166
Carlos S. M. Playing high note count MIDIs; making comparison videos and challenges 711


Making quality black MIDIs from a good range of notes; playing other people's MIDIs 175


Blacking quality MIDIs and experimenting with MIDIs with external programs 892
TheSqrtminus1 Blacker, uses Noteworthy Composer and VBKP. Blackened LBSFS to 7.7 Million 74
Kieran Smith (KireanRacingKing) Minor Blacker and Merger. Uploads MIDIs with his computer. Known for his Klonoa Black MIDIs 79
BusiedGem Blacker, uses PFA and Synthesia to Play MIDIs 7
HG Vagabond Blacker, uses PFA to Play MIDIs

Inactive Members

Member Specializations Current Status Subscribers
vloggercousins Playing songs with minimal lag, like Natsuki8000 Inactive/No uploads since 11/2013 500
PianoKid0051 Blackening crashless MIDIs from 150K-~2M Inactive 210
King OniOniOn Showing others' MIDIs on Piano From Above Inactive 223
Yoga Aditya Playing others' MIDIs in Synthesia and Piano From Above Inactive 74
KnucklesARouge Playing others' MIDIs in Piano From Above Inactive 723
The MIDI Muffin Uploads MIDIs with his computer Inactive 189
Yair92002 Making MIDIs and playing others' MIDIs in Vanbasco Inactive 41
RazerAge Playing others' MIDIs in Synthesia and PFA; he also made a black MIDI Inactive 3,893
Andrew Byk Creating impossible Touhou MIDIs on Noteflight Unlisted all his MIDI videos 75
TrollfacepalmAcer78 Blackening MIDIs Using Anvil Studio Inactive 137
Flashwave Playing MIDIs on his Laptop Inactive 132
Alessio I'Italiano Uploads MIDIs with his computer Inactive 311
Yu Lok Wan Uploads MIDIs with his computer. Also founder of the wiki Inactive 38

Left/Banned or Kicked users

Member Specializations Current Status Subscribers
Landau Martin Playing others' MIDIs in Piano From Above Kicked/Deleted all MIDI videos 215
Rick Speedd Creating Black MIDIs of some songs Left the BMT 269
willrelio2609 Making some MIDIs Left the BMT/Deleted all MIDI videos 641
PianoVideosJustForU (PVJFU) Playing others' MIDIs in Piano From Above Left the BMT (Never made a Black MIDI) 226
RepostFJ Minor Blacker Left the BMT/Deleted all MIDI videos 11
Derplet1 Making MIDIs and playing others on various programs Left the BMT (Channel Closed) -
GamingSpag Playing others' MIDIs in MIDITrail and Piano From Above Kicked 87
Jim Buddock Mariway Minor Blacker. Playing others' MIDIs in Piano From Above Kicked 57
RetoUnivrsalHT Attempted blackening MIDIs from scratch; insane colorful MIDIs, as well as uploading extreme performance videos Left the BMT
Z-Doc Piano Player (Z-Doc R.) Making High Quality Pop Music Black MIDIs; showing other people's MIDIs in Black Sheet format Left the BMT
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